2 Comments to “Our visit to the Potter Earthship near Gilmour, Ontario”

  1. Michel Boily

    Jul 1st, 2011

    How can I arrange a visit to the Potter’s Earthship in August? I would love to visit them for a few hours only with my son and daughter, both VERY interested in eventually building an earthship.
    How do I contact them?
    Where exactly is their home located?
    Is there a fee to visit?

    Thank you in advance for your response

    M. Boily

  2. Sandra

    Jul 2nd, 2011

    This is the website we originally found their phone number on. http://www.sunspace.org/html/en/potterslinks_en.html Hopefully it is still current. You do have to make an appointment and they typically charge $20 an hour to visit them. T hey recently started a construction company and help others build earthships. Good luck!

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