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  1. Anonymous

    Jan 31st, 2010

    Being a mechanic, machinist, and now a solidfuel specialist,
    (glorafied chimney sweep)I have a few concerns that should be considered….in the last 50 or so years we have seen tires used for all sorts of things after their usfullness as tires…swings, garden boxes, and now as walls on the inside of homes…my main concern is tires are very close to the brakes…brakes untill recently are made from Asbestos…nano particles of Asbestos are imbeded by the billions…one needs to take this into consideration before useing them….construction consists of beating the hell out of them to compress the dirt…durring that time brake dust is flying every where…then they are put in the house…a closed living quarters that could be potentialy filled with abestose dust….something to be considered…exspecialy exposing children to such things.

    a away to over come this problem may be to put them in a parts washer or presure washer of some sort…is there any way to take a Asbestos reading?


  2. Chris

    Jan 31st, 2010


    Just responding to the health concerns regarding tires …

    A number of studies have been done regarding the health concerns of using tires as a building material. Some of these are available at Earthship Biotecture (http://www.earthship.net/).

    I am not aware of any studies that have identified health concerns with the use of tires as a construction material.

    I tend to look at it practically; this construction method has been used since the early seventies with good success, and no problems have been identified.

    Are there risks with using tires? None have been identified, but some may be over time. We take calculated risks all the time, we simply do not realize it. For example, very few people question many of the engineered products used in construction today, and their potential risks.

    I have yet to see a compelling concern raised over the use of tires.

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