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  1. Jasper

    Jan 29th, 2011

    Hello Chris, and other readers as well.

    I’m still hard at work planning my own Earthship-like home! However, here in Holland we’ve got a bit of a tire-issue. Tires aren’t thrown on big piles around here, but instead importers are required to collect and recycle them. Therefore, tires aren’t free, you need to purchase them!

    So, i’ve been thinking of ways to build an Earthship without tires….. i’m sure i’m offending Earthship die-hards right now, sorry..

    First I was thinking about using wood from sustainable forests, but… wood acts as a fairly good insulator, which will prevent the heat of the sun from getting in to my backfill. Out goes the wood.

    What we do have in abundance here, and i’m sure it’s an issue all over the world, are used and discarded shipping containers. Those are made of steel, which is a good heat conducting material.

    So, please give me feedback on this: I’m planning on building a sturdy wooden frame first. Then get some old shipping containers, cut out the side panels, and use them as plating to create a wall. The inside can be plasterd, the outside will be backfilled and tamped just as with the tire walls to create a thermal mass.

    What do you think of this solution? Will it work, or not?

  2. Jasper

    Jan 29th, 2011

    Ohw shoot, hello Chris and Sandra of course! Xcuse me.

  3. Chris

    Feb 4th, 2011

    Hi Jasper,

    Not entirely sure how that would work. I would definitely hesitate to frame this wall with wood as it will be back filled with dirt.


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