2 Comments to “Bond Beam Continued”

  1. Anonymous

    Feb 18th, 2010

    Please be sure you ventilate Properly!!! We were going to build one, researched for years, took the courses, bought all the books. Then we found out the tires leach Gas, which is deadly if your house is not ventilated properly.
    so please protect your family and makes sure you have adequate ventilation!!

  2. Sandra

    Feb 18th, 2010

    I'd be very interested in knowing which study you found that proved this. We did our research, too, and all we could was a University of Wisconsin study that showed the opposite. Plus we looked at anecdotal evidence from Earthship owners who, over 30+ years, never experienced any health issues. Please tell us where you got your evidence, we really are interested in knowing what you've found.

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