2 Comments to “Pouring The Concrete Bond Beam”

  1. earl

    Apr 9th, 2012

    the pics aren’t showing up on this page, could I get access to them or could you please check the links. also, how is rebar used in the bond beam? do you make a cage? or just use anchor bolts.

  2. Chris

    Apr 10th, 2012

    Over a year ago now we moved our website to this server. When we did this move the existing pages lost their image links. We have not gone back to fix this, but we have kept all of the old images in the photo gallery … until we get around to fixing the old links you can try searching the photo gallery for the matching pictures (http://www.darfieldearthship.com/photos).

    Both anchors and continuous rebar were used in the bond beam … I forget how many continuous runs of rebar were used … right off the top of my head I think 2. The anchor bolts were actually rebar pins pounded down into the top three layers of tires.

    Also, we used engineered fibre in the concrete mix … the plans did not call for it, but we had the material leftover.

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