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  1. Patti

    May 7th, 2010

    LOL! I’m reading your blog tonight getting an idea on HOW to build these Earthships (my sweetie & I have construction skills & experience)…anyhoo, let’s chat cats…I HAD to read your family’s story to cheer my family up. We recently are living an opportunity to raise homeless cats, left behind by people who moved away & left their pets behind. We took in 2 adults & 2 kittens. Thing is, the young female adult was prego. She gave birth 7 weeks ago to 6 kittens. We ALREADY have 3 cats & 3 dogs.(Math: 11 cats!!!, 3 dogs) Naw, no one wants cats. We hope to place them in homes, instead of shelters. Well, at least everyone is healthy & happy…& we have a BIG house…We wish ya’ll love, too. AND Thanks for posting this incredible site for those of us who dream about building our own Earthship, too! ENJOY!

  2. Chris

    May 7th, 2010

    She had two more the next day!!!

    We appear to have found homes for most of them …

  3. yvon

    Feb 7th, 2011

    well, a bit late now, but we have a cat we originally called Joe. When we took it to the vet we were told that all tortoiseshell cats are female! She is a similar kind of black/white/ginger combination (which I would never have thought of as tortoiseshell!) I hear there has been a case of one male tortoiseshell cat, that was such an anomally, the vets all talked about it for ages.
    Our cat is now called Jojo.(and she’s had the chop). :-)

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