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  1. James H

    Jul 24th, 2010

    Yeah both the factory and warehouse I worked used EPDM. It’s pretty neat. As long as you have a slope it’s probably not going to leak and if it does it is easy to repair!! The material reminds me of bicycle tire inner tubes. It’s a bit weird though when you stand on a 150,000 sq ft roof covered in it. The insulation underneath makes it hard to walk on. Kinda springy but in an annoying kind of way. Come to think of it, how if your roof insulated? Besides the berming at the back? Rigid insulation on to of the roof decking?

    My new boss used to be a roofer and I’ve watched him do some torch on at the condos I’m working on. He has a healthy fear of the possibilty of fire with that stuff. Always keep a spary bottle and fire extinguisher handy!!!

  2. Chris

    Jul 27th, 2010

    Hi James,

    We have a good (I think) slope for a flat roof at 2.5″ in 48″.

    We will insulate with rigid insulation (R50) under the EPDM and over the roof deck.

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