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  1. Ann Baird

    Aug 9th, 2010

    Wonderful Post. We really enjoy reading your updates and learning about your experiences. We just did a big tour here today, and three of the people are going to the earthship workshop with Mike Reynolds. One of the people (Patrick) owns the Thermomax solar hot water company here in Victoria…they specialize in the Mazdon solar Evacuated tubes out of Ireland. His son wants to build an Earthship and was looking for data on how these buildings perform in our climate…mostly with respect to moisture/humidity. I will send them your blog link.

  2. Sandra

    Aug 9th, 2010

    Funny, we’ve had drive-by-ers for several days…by this I mean cars, trucks and vans pull into our yard, slow down slightly when they are right next to the east side of the house, stop, then speed up, do a loop and leave! At all hours of the day and night. Nobody has been getting out to find us or even stop when I wave them to stop. I can only assume these are folks headed up to Grant and Linda’s for the Biotecture build. I was a bit annoyed actually,. We don’t mind showing it off or talking about it even with people who don’t contact us ahead of time…but to arrive in our yard to gawk and point and then leave, even after I indicate I want to talk to them! I confess I put up the gate after this happened at 9:30 last night and I’m contemplating instituting a one-day-a-week showing of the house. I hate to do it, though, it’s not the way we wanted to share it. We’ve also had many kind, not-rude folks who’ve mentioned they were on their way to the build and asked if they could stop by (yes, yes, yes!). Also have had people who couldn’t get on the volunteer crew who want to volunteer with us. All very interesting. We are going back up to Linda and Grant’s at some point during the two weeks to see progress…look forward to meeting/hearing from Patrick!

  3. Chris

    Aug 9th, 2010


    We visited an earthship on Vancouver Island that was built over a decade ago. I was quite impressed, and saw no evidence of moisture related issues. I think the most important issue is good site selection.

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