4 Comments to “The Front Wall … Re-Evaluating our Choices”

  1. Monica Holy

    Aug 30th, 2010

    Great article Chris! The two week Michael Reynolds BC build we just attended didn’t get as far as installing the windows, so it’s a hurdle we didn’t manage to cover. I’m looking forward to reading about your solutions covering all this. As for the skylights, we’re thinking of incorporating them for my future Earthship Art Studio, as it needs North light. Michael did suggest that for our climate a solution to potential heat loss was indoor shutters. We’ll be exploring that further. Overall, still undecided. Thank you for including all the details in the human journey with this project, it may just be the biggest hurdle of all. Well done, and hang in there!

  2. Darby Jones

    Sep 10th, 2010

    Good job on making the effort to keep your spirits up! Being in frontier country with your earthship, I’d imagine there’s going to be more than a few more obstacles to overcome before completion. Hang in there!

    Question for you though. Googling “earthship pop cans” didn’t really give me the answer I was seeking. What purpose does inserting popcans into the mud walls serve? I know they don’t really have any insulating value, and being they’re thin tin, don’t do much for structural support, so I’m a little lost in that regard.

  3. Sandra

    Sep 10th, 2010

    I think mostly there are to take up space and to allow the mud to adhere to something. I’ve noticed the mud slumps more when you try to put too much in without the can. In a concrete wall the pop cans definitely serve to save on portland cement. There have been experiments using wood scraps but people found that the wood would lose moisture as it dried further and would get smaller, making it rattle arround, or fall out. The pop can tabs also serve as a lath point for the finish plastering.

  4. Chris

    Sep 10th, 2010

    Sandra is right on everything she said.

    The cans serve to take up space and reduce the amount of material (concrete or ‘mud’) required.

    In the case of packing out the tires this also means that there is less ‘mud’ to dry (or cure), meaning that you do not have to wait as long for the mud to dry.

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