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  1. garrett klassen

    Nov 25th, 2010

    I may have some good ideas for you i have been a stone mason for over 22 years just one of my skills in my skillset ! I plan on building an earthship with a duel fireplace one for aesthetics and one for efficient heating which would have dual stage heat exchangers for radiant heating. This is one of my ideas; I have many. If you would like to contact me and exchange ideas my email address is klassengarrett@gmail.com, my cell phone number is 778-230-5052 and my home number is 604-569-4246.
    I look forward to sharing ideas.
    Garrett Klassen

  2. Chris

    Nov 29th, 2010

    Hi Garrett,

    I have posted my latest adventures with wood heat (http://www.darfieldearthship.com/2010/11/horizontal-fire.html)!.

    If you have any comments let me know … our goal is also aesthetics and practical heating. Boy, would I love to have masonry skills for this project …

    Let us know what you are up to too!


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