4 Comments to “Things I found in the pantry”

  1. Jan

    Nov 26th, 2010

    >>>we are still reeling from a 2008 response involving gender stereotyping and the implication that the maternal head of the house is the maid.<<>>14. Something I originally thought was a petrified mouse but when I finished gagging long enough to look at, realized it was an old sock of Stephen’s.<<>>15. The most surprising…1/2″ of Captain Morgan’s dark rum…that’s the last thing I would’ve thought I’d lose in the pantry!<<<

    Half an inch? Will that even make a full drink?

    We need to clean out the fridge this weekend. Scary! It has an odd odour that I've been blaming on some Stilton cheese I had in there. But, the Stilton's long gone, I've put a box of baking soda in both the fridge & freezer sides, and there's still a suspicious pong.

  2. Jan

    Nov 26th, 2010

    Hmmm… apparently any comment placed between asterisks in this interface will disappear.

    So, I said “snort” to the first quote and “ack!” to the second quote. LOL

  3. Carla

    Dec 7th, 2010

    I love licorace tea. Don’t know why you wouldn’t just drink it! How about iced licorace tea in the summer? ;-)

  4. Sandra

    Dec 7th, 2010

    It’s yours, Carla! I’ll save them for you and when you and family head this way again for your summer holiday you are welcome to them! :)

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