4 Comments to “Fired the rocket … thank God for skylights!”

  1. Yvan Pelletier

    Dec 11th, 2010

    Hello, nice project you have there, you won’t regret it! About the clay slip, the ratio you indicated is corrected, and it’s not supposed to stick together. Instead (well, what I did…), the clay slip is to fill space between the stove and the COB that you put aroud, just like this picture http://www.ecologie-pratique.org/mediagallery/media.php?f=0&sort=0&s=20081210222326416 (which is not mine). On this picture, it’s perlite instead of clay slip.
    Don’t worry about what you did, it will just be less insulated.

    Keep posting your project, it’s interesting!


  2. Chris

    Dec 12th, 2010


    Thanks for the picture and comments …

    Unfortunately its too late and I am not taking it apart! The surrounding cob has now dried and is quite solid. As you say, it will have a lower insulation value.

    I’ve been posting to a construction forum for rocket mass stoves and yours is now the second explanation of making a pocket for the insulation. It makes a lot of sense.

    I take it you already have a RMH? How do you like it?

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  4. Yvan Pelletier

    Dec 12th, 2010


    We simply love it! On winter days, my four kids usually play outside, when they get cold, they just get in, sit on the bench a few minutes, afterwards they are ok to play outside again.
    We also appreciate it for the fact that we don’t have to maintain the house at a temperature as high as before, to feel confortable.

    Here, is a picture of my rocket mass heater. We’ve built it two years ago.


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