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  1. James Hornett

    Jan 11th, 2011

    So hard to predict expenses. Very interesting nonetheless. For anyone considering building their own earthship this is a great component of the website.

    One number that jumps out at me is Equipment expenses. Since you have been in the construction business for a while, naturally, you already own a lot of the tools required. Maybe you have posted about this already and I missed it but I wonder if you have an estimate on the amount that a new builder would have to spend on equipment to be able to get this project up and rolling? What equipment do you feel is absolutely necessary and what equipment isn’t?


  2. Sandra

    Jan 11th, 2011

    Hmmm. When I think of all the equipment we’ve used it’s mind boggling. I thought in the beginning I would make a list of all of it, but you know….time and all that. We made use of even small specialty tools, like the angle reader (sorry, forget what it’s called) and it was $25 new.

    For excavation and tire walls: Chainsaw, chalklines, shovels, wheelbarrows, tire press, tamper, hammers, cement mixer, electrical cords, cordless drills (3), corded impact drills (2), jig saw, angle grinder, sawsall, pliers, safety equipment (lots of gloves), tractor, forklift, dumptruck, pick up truck and trailer, spirit levels, transit, 7″ circular saw, 10″ compound mitre saw, 12″ compound mitre saw, hoses and nozzles, tin snips, exacto knives, plumb pop, scissors.

    I’ll try to make a list of the bond beam/roof in the next few days…a lot of the cost depends on if you can borrow or buy used.

  3. Darlene

    Mar 16th, 2011

    Hello I found your site on the Earthship forums and am interested in the costs involved. So is this total a running total? Or just a certain period?

    And I don’t see a cost of the land either. I’m assuming that is not included here?

  4. Sandra

    Mar 16th, 2011

    It’s a running total to date…we already owned the land so we didn’t include that cost. We live on our industrial-zoned land, so the cost would be disproportionate… We haven’t inlcluded our labour at all and a lot of the items we scrounged or had already. At some point I will fill in those costs that we haven’t actually paid, for those who might not be able to find the things we did. Mind you, the premise of an earthship is that you should be able to reuse or recycle things to get them for free. And implied in the process is that there is some owner sweat equity.

  5. Martin

    Apr 19th, 2011

    I was just wondering if you are planing or have bought the POM or WOM from Biotecture?

  6. Sandra

    Apr 19th, 2011

    I doubt it…we tend to come up with our own solutions and we are using a slightly different design of house…but like always when we get to planning those parts in more detail we will probably look at them!

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