6 Comments to “More From the Email … Did I take a Poke At Michael Reynolds?”

  1. Jakub Safar

    Jan 13th, 2011

    Most importantly, what is built and created matters. Whatever Michael Reynolds and people around him did stays here. The DarfieldEarthship blog fills the gap I wished to be filled so much. Showing what it means to take all courage and information about ES and build. Step by step, so I can study it, think about it and prepare as good as I can for the build I want to do myself. Big thanks to everyone at Darfield!

  2. Jasper

    Jan 13th, 2011

    There is a bit about the planters / botanical cells on earthship.org (http://earthship.com/water/water-the-elixir-of-life)

    “From there it goes directly into one end of the gray water planter botanical cells in the greenhouse where it is used to feed plants and gets naturally filtered and cleaned by them. The planter cells are approximately 4 feet deep, but slightly deeper on the far end to allow water to flow through them using gravity. At the bottom of the planters, there is a layer of medium sized rocks and then a layer of gravel on top of that. Then comes a layer of sand and then dirt where the plants are planted. There is a resevoir of gray water in the rock levels. It’s level is maintained by an overflow which goes straight into the septic system. The roots of the plants grow down and tap into this resevoir. Some of the water the plants absorb gets evaporated through their leaves and creates humidity in the house.”

    What more would you like to know?

  3. Rick herald

    Sep 4th, 2013

    Thinking about building an other earthship. Input would be enjoyed.
    First earthship built off one of Michael’s architecual plans, we love the way the ship has immersed itself into the landscape where we live. We did the three day workshop in Taos and read all of Michael’s earthship books and white papers before we started. We have been off grid and in this house for ten years. May have to move, (jobs) maybe not, we’ll see. We are looking for a site to build another earthship.
    At this time we live in Glade Park, Colorado (outside Grand Junction) and are looking for affordable land in Delta County.

  4. Ms. K. Casey

    Feb 19th, 2014

    I cannot express enough how strongly I feel the need to share information and break down any and all barriers to sustainable housing for everyone.
    At one point in history everyone would have grown up supplied with the knowledge of how to construct assorted dwellings; this knowledge would have been instilled in them through family and community.
    I can see no reason whatsoever that anyone should object to the publishing of blueprints, schematics, or even individual concepts that help develop and sustain a healthier global environment for us all. Is this not the mandate of the sustainability community.
    I think it’s high time we quit playing “I’ve got a secret” and start working as a global community for the betterment of all.
    Kudos for publishing/sharing all the details you have. I, for one, applaud you.
    P.S. I too, have great admiration for Michael Reynolds, a true pioneer.

  5. Anthony Garn

    Mar 16th, 2014

    I completely understand, knowing many engineer, doing certified, engineered plans takes time. Most people with those skills get paid for their time. I think you are very generous paying yours and would like to say they have inspired me to dig deeper and buy all three Earthship volumes. I am planning on converting an old concrete done into a hybrid earthship because it’s there and needs using…should be interesting.

  6. Eric Fors, II

    Apr 11th, 2014

    You speak with candor and respect from all that I see here. I doubt as anyone would/could be able to believe that you would use anything less in addressing your comments about Mr. Reynolds. Obviously, the previously posted message was a fraud. Probably just best to ignore them.

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