5 Comments to “Success …It’s All A Matter of Perspective!”

  1. James Hornett

    Jan 11th, 2011

    Great post! Look forward to more like this in the future.

  2. Jasper

    Jan 12th, 2011

    Nice post indeed, answered my questions perfectly. Be aware that those heat exchange systems/pumps can draw a lot of electricity in addition to drawing a lot of money from your wallet :-) However, with limited sunlight there aren’t many alternatives except burning wood/biomass of course.

  3. Chris

    Jan 17th, 2011

    Thanks James.

    Jasper, I agree that heat exchange systems can be expensive to install and operate. I cannot comment too much about the wisdom of trying to store solar gain for use later in terms of cost … I do know that there is some discussion of this idea. I often wonder if pumps can be eliminated or minimized in a system by clever use of the reality that heated water rises.

  4. Mark

    May 17th, 2011

    I want to build an earthship in the next few years and I was wondering how much land would I need to build a 2000 square foot home? How much acreage would I need for the earthship and construction?

  5. Chris

    May 17th, 2011

    We are building on just over 13 acres, but there is no reason why one of these homes could not be built on less than an acre.
    It is helpful if the site has good gravel/dirt otherwise you might have to haul material in.

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