4 Comments to “Our webstore is up and running!”

  1. Liz Gardener

    Mar 14th, 2011

    Found your site from the donkey discussion on rocket stoves and wondered if yours is working well. might buy the book if i know your project is successful…

  2. Sandra

    Mar 15th, 2011

    Yes, it workd! It’s not finished yet, we still have the final few inches of cob and then plaster to put on, but we are waiting until our floor is finished. We tested it before mortaring to make sure the fire drafted sideways. We made some modifications at this stage (which is reflected in both the book and plans). We were pretty pleased when the whole thing was hooked up and we lit it. After several hours we couldn’t sit on the bench…very warm! Need that last few inches. If you want to see a few exerpts just go to the store and choose product details for the book (not the plans)…we’ve provided a few PDF links at various points in the book. Good luck, if you buy it let us know what you think.

  3. steve

    Jan 23rd, 2012

    i have 5 gal of peanut oil my phone # is 702-301-5780 i live in vegas

  4. Sandra

    Jan 24th, 2012

    Oh no! I didn’t see this until we were well out of Las Vegas. That would have been awesome, thanks so much for the offer. We are now just outside of San Fransico and it looks like we have 20 gallons waiting for us there…yay!

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