3 Comments to “Working on the house again…”

  1. Andrew MacLachlan

    Apr 20th, 2011

    Hello from Thailand! I have been reading your postings with great interest. I very much appreciate your efforts to share and educate. What a great philosophy!
    I would love to see some images of your present build status.
    We have a local project nearby – see “Pun Pun Village” on the net. They work with adobe and mud bricks. I am very close to deciding to lease some land here and try to adapt their ideas with many of yours. My issues will be somewhat different as I will be seeking to achieve room temperatures of between 19-24 degrees. Will need to look at air circulation and tackle issues of humidity if I go ahead.

  2. David Cothern

    May 7th, 2011

    Hello from South Dakota! Came across your site researching Earthships. All I can say is awesome and thank you for sharing. Since I just now found you, I have a lot to read and learn. Can’t thank you enough for your personal insights and experiences.

  3. Simon

    May 15th, 2011

    Hello from Ontario. This is a great site you have here. Some invaluable information. Thank you for sharing your experience with everyone.

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