4 Comments to “Arduino WVO ECU on a Breadboard!”

  1. Paul

    Nov 21st, 2013

    Why not use solar to power the circuit? Maybe I don’t understand everything. I purchased a arduino to to use in my chicken coup but had zo many other things I need to do first. What got me to your site was the rocket stove, been researching to put in my basement. Since I can’t afford thr propane. Slowly getting insulated to my standards but having allot of health issues. Thanks for the information, Paul.

  2. Chris

    Nov 21st, 2013

    Hi Paul,
    That specific circuit is for a waste vegetable oil controller in the van … it makes more sense to power it off the vehicle battery in this case.

  3. Vic for Australia

    Sep 13th, 2014

    Hi Thankx for the info .
    Can you please post the complete code for the WVO ECU.

  4. Chris

    Oct 1st, 2014


    I have not looked at this project in a while … I will see what I can track down. Sadly, I never did finish the ECU … I tested it out and know that it worked, but I her polished it up or did a final install.

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