2 Comments to “Delica Roadtrip; California or Bust?”

  1. Judy

    Apr 16th, 2012

    I am just researching the Delica, as I am looking for a vehicle that I can go camping in and that is small enough for me to handle. One that is not too complicated. My son had his Dodge Ram converted to oil and he and his friend collect oil from a couple of restaurants in town.
    Would you recommed the Delica? There is an auto sales dealer in Parksville that sells them. They range from $8000 = 1995 to $13,000 = 1996 with approx 150,000 kms. Seems like a lot of mileage. What do you think?
    Thank you

  2. Sandra

    Apr 18th, 2012

    We love our Delica because it’s roomy enough for the five of us when we travel. However, remember that because of import laws, the newest vehicle you can get in Canada will already be 15 years old. Despite the fact that many Delicas have very low kms (ours had 64,000) the rest of the van could have aged naturally. For instance, a lot of the plastic on ours was brittle and the little hooks on the curtains broke easily. We paid $11,500 for ours from the dealer in Armstrong, http://www.jdmparts.ca/index.php. It is a 1994 Exceed Space Gear. I know that there are a lot of dealers in BC, such as Amazing Auto Imports, CVI, Rising Sun and a few others often have vehicles in their lots. Since the tsunami and earthsquake in Japan I think it has been more difficult to import and customers are a bit pickier about where the vehicle comes from. As far as the conversion, we seem to be having some niggling issues with stalling while driving on oil, but I think this is more our issue than the conversion parts. Diesel engines tend to last a long time so ultimately the kms on it should be weighed against the condition of the rest of the vehicle, both mechanically and cosmetically. Some parts are expensive to replace (the plastic cover for the heating and radio area was $280), but others can be cross referenced to N.American parts, like brake pads, etc. Good luck!

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