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  1. Chris

    Mar 27th, 2012

    As for my last post about building the gasifier Julia Hasty from All Power labs has answered my questions … from Julia’s email:

    I have just updated the instructions for the Level III here: http://wiki.gekgasifier.com/w/page/52196806/GEK%20v4x%20Fabrication%20Instructions

    You will find the call outs specific to your latest version that might answer some of the subtle differences you are noticing.
    As far as the stainless welding, the only thing stainless that you will be needing to weld is the hourglass reduction bell. If you get in a pinch we’ve been successful just welding with the same wire for the mild steel. Its not typically suggested as the absolute correct way to do things, but it has worked just find in the past for us. You will want ventilation for the stainless for sure, but since it is just for this part, you won’t have too much of it to do. While we offer the GEK IV in all stainless now, we are still providing the Level III in mild because of this concern that people have with doing a lot of welding with stainless.

    Thanks again Julia

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