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  1. juan luis jerez

    Nov 2nd, 2012

    Hi, Darfield.

    I’m an spanish architect inloved with the eartship concept and trying to adapt this into a new concept of bio-housing.

    I enjoyed with your adventures an hope may be you were so kind to bring me some help with my project, as an expert.

    Nice family,


  2. Christopher J Nowak

    May 14th, 2013

    I’m very impressed by your build and I’d love to see it sometime.
    I am planning to build in eastern Ontario in Lanark county and i was searching for any earthships around the area which there are two in the Bancroft area but they seem to be at the one end of the spectrum but for me some new modern additions is essential so i started looking for plans and I stumbled on to your site, I would like to know if you would be interested in sharing your plans as a template for my build as I went to Earthship and WOW I was a bit shocked at the costs associated with there plans, I can certainly tell your hard work and dedication to this project was a a great success and I would like to commit to the same goals for my family.

    Please let me know if you would be willing to share your plans or if i may purchase the final designs.

    I would have use the same architect for additional changes for my Ontario code requirements though

    Thank you

  3. Chris

    May 15th, 2013

    Hi Christopher,

    We have shared PDF files of our plans on this site for reference only.
    We have not provided dwg files of the plans for a few reasons; the plans were made with Architectural Desktop using proprietary extensions from Hsb-Cad … these extensions make the plans difficult to share, the plans are unique to our site and do not account for issues specific to someone else’s site (snow load, earthquake requirements …) and we learned a lot as we built that is not all reflected on the plans as posted as this is the first building like this we have ever worked on (mostly in grey water layout but also in other areas).
    Good luck with your project and we are always open to questions,


  4. Bob

    Jul 1st, 2014

    earthship/sandbag/timber/greenhouse project .I will be starting my layout soon ,I’m building on the canadian shield and will be doing this project in an unorganized and unincorperated twp I will be putting sandbags instead of tires as I have allergies to them .I will mix up a footing at 4000psi and the sandbags will have portland mixed in them with some SS rods and big carton binders plastic at 2200lbs strength and steel fencing in the floor and on the walls with lime cement/adoby.in the floor pex pipe to a compost pile with pex in it as well for heating the floor,i will use black water as the starter and will let it go after the winter and start a new one for summer and start new one for winter again so I will have six or 7 piles after a time and will reuse the pex after three year.I will have two wood stove a cook stove and wood stove for heat as I want to add a berm to the north ,north west sides and will have the south side as greenhouse,will use saved water in a cistern to save water for everything with a small filter that will run to fill a 55gallons for drinking.all lighting will be D.C. off solar and 400w windmill at 30 ‘hi.with battery’s and a 3500w gen backup.I think it will take me a year,with my backhoe and 12cu concrete mixer and 2500 sandbags if people want to learn more and would like to help me e mail me at likeher@live.ca Bob

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