Veggie van financials

The total cost of the waste veggie oil van, has been accounted for. Mom and I have been collecting receipts for the last month. The spread sheet includes a number of totals in case anybody wanted to know what different parts cost. We have a few more yet to include but when we know we will update.  If you have questions, let us know.

Delica Space Gear $12,880.00
Conversion Kit $873.37
Tank $1,040.20
Filter $782.88
Total $2,696.45
Move Permit & Insurance $1,029.00
Extended Roof Rack $700.00
Hitch $425.60
Tires $615.82
Freight $28.48
Console  $138.30
Repair $173.21
Cargo Basket $100.00
Total $3,210.41
Total Cost $18,786.86

Turkeys – day 2

It is June 23rd and  day two incubating our turkey eggs.  An incubator is the white box Stephen and I are sitting in front of. What you do is you put the turkey eggs in and turn every morning and night. The only way to know what side to turn them on is if you put x a o on each side of the egg. It takes twenty-eight days for the turkey eggs to hatch. Tonight mom Stephen(brother) and I went over we took a cup of warm water put it into the little tray that sits under to provide moisture for the turkey babies to grow, we also turned the eggs to the o’s.  Then we had to put what we did on the chart to  know when we need to start candaling which is using a flashlight.  We have decided on day eight to put in chicken eggs as well as the turkey eggs. Chicken eggs take 21 days.

Candy cane chocolate bark

Today December 22nd Katie, Mom and I made chocolate bark for our Christmas baskets (Christmas gifts). Katie did the brown chocolate while I crushed candy canes with a rolling pin.


Then I chopped up the white chocolate while the brown hardened.

After 15 minutes I stared melting white chocolate. When it was melted we had to add more than half of the crushed candy canes. When Katie pulled out the hardened chocolate Mom and I poured the white chocolate over top of the brown.

Then Katie sprinkled the rest of the candy canes on top. Now it is in the fridge hardening. Tomorrow we will break it in to pieces.