Turkey Eggs Update

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Well, we  candled the turkey eggs to see how many of them are going to hatch. When you shine  a really bright light through the egg in a dark room, you can see inside it. If you see a “spider” in the egg, it means that is developing into a chick and … Read More →

Turtle’s Road Trip

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My stuffed animal, Turtle, (named after her species) is going on a road trip. I wanted to see more of Canada and the United States, but I didn’t want to leave home. I decided that sending Turtle was a good solution. On January 3rd 2010 I put Turtle into a bag with a journal and … Read More →


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Our chicks came today ( march 19th 2009) and no I don’t mean dudes’ girlfriends, I mean little baby “girl” chickens.

We were only supposed to get 25 layers and 25 meat birds, (yum!!) but we were lucky enough to get a few extra “to experiment with,” as my dad said.

But I’m getting ahead of … Read More →

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