Re-post…Christmas 2010

I found our Christmas post from last year.  After reading it, I think we will change things a little.  Not sure how yet, but it's obvious to me wit how busy we've been that I need to start getting busy on finding baskets again.  None of my baskets … [Read more...]

Craft Fairs

For the last few weeks, Katie, Stephen and Helen have been busy making crafts to sell before the holiday season.  Motivated by money to spend on Christmas, they have been learning all sorts of things about finances.  The girls have created … [Read more...]

From Curtain to Ballgown

Hi, I’m Chris & Sandra’s friend Jan in Toronto. I’m not nearly as “green” as Chris & Sandra, but I did recently undertake an unusual recycling project – turning an old curtain into a ballgown – and Sandra has asked me to ‘guest blog’ about … [Read more...]