Home made birthday party loot bags

Yesterday we held Helen's sleepover birthday party at Dad and Gail's house.  We had been planning it for some time and five girls came with four of them sleeping over with Helen (and me). I did not want to buy any more plastic loot bags (despite … [Read more...]

Candles for Christmas

I alluded to our ideas for Christmas gifts last year.  We decided to give handmade and homemade gifts that could either be eaten or enjoyed and re-used.We had great fun buying candle making supplies (Chris' project) and buying up cute little … [Read more...]

Helen’s Quilt

Here are some photos of Helen's quilt project.  I would like to thank our friend Judy Davis who swiftly offered to sell her sewing machine to me to give to Helen for Christmas when I came to her for advice about buying one.  Judy is my … [Read more...]