WVO Trip

I keep hoping to update the site with some photos of the trip ... but it has not been as easy as I thought while travelling! Here are a few pictures ...in the next few days I will post a video of the map along with pics for each section. … [Read more...]

Re-post…Christmas 2010

I found our Christmas post from last year.  After reading it, I think we will change things a little.  Not sure how yet, but it's obvious to me wit how busy we've been that I need to start getting busy on finding baskets again.  None of my baskets … [Read more...]

The Clean Bin Project

Last week (or the week before?) when I was nursing a wicked cold and looking after sick kids while Chris was working in Kamloops, a truck pulled up into our driveway. It was our friend Marcia, with the TNRD, and she had two folks with her who wanted … [Read more...]