Christmas preparations

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We finally knuckled down and spent a whole day cleaning the Nutshell.  It wasn’t pretty.  And, true to form, I’ve been nagging about picking things up and wiping counters and keeping abreast of laundry.  As I look around now I see that the edges are blurring again and I will have to spend a bit … Read More →

Craft Fairs

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For the last few weeks, Katie, Stephen and Helen have been busy making crafts to sell before the holiday season.  Motivated by money to spend on Christmas, they have been learning all sorts of things about finances. 

The girls have created partnerships with their friends Christine and Grace Kempter.  Katie and Christine have been making holiday … Read More →

The So Nice Green Contest

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About 12 days ago I entered our earthship project in the So Nice Green Contest.  So Nice is an organic soy beverage company based out of Burnaby, BC. (a suburb of Vancouver).

In those 12 days we’ve gone from zero votes to 250, moving us solidly into 10th place, the last place that automatically enters the … Read More →

School at home…

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We’ve been quiet about our foray into teaching the kids at home.  This was intentional. We knew there would be ups and downs and we felt that talking about it, or blogging about it, would hinder our ability to figure it all out.

It’s been 10 weeks now and we’ve had our rocky moments.  Some nights … Read More →

Change of Seasons

Posted by in Community, Construction, Family on 06. Sep, 2010 | 2 Comments

It seems with the completion of the roof summer changed to fall.  It was such an enormous job that both Chris and I seemed to have screeched to a halt and came down with cold viruses.  Typical.

At the same time 4-H ramped up as the kids spent the better part of the week preceeding Labour … Read More →

Environmental hair care

Environmental hair care

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Several weeks ago Helen convinced Katie to put curlers in her hair.  Here’s what she looked like.

Here’s the end result.

This ringlet technique is old.  I seem to recall that Nellie from Little House on the Prairie used to have her hair curled this way!  Katie’s friend Jillian arrived at school one day with ringlets and … Read More →

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