Building permit cleared!

Building permit cleared!

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Although we didn’t get much time to celebrate, Chris and I and the kids managed to complete outstanding permit jobs to close the permit about 10 days before our workshop started.  As we were gathering mulch, topsoil, and manure, we were putting in relentless days building, shoveling, plastering and generally ticking off the last 13 … Read More →

Permablitz Madness

Permablitz Madness

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Our permablitz on Father’s Day weekend was AWESOME!

It was the most fun we’d had with our earthship journey since the days of hosting volunteers in 2009 and 2010.  We had 23 workshop participants (and a handful of family and friends) join us for a two day install of our cold climate food production and edible … Read More →

Permablitz 2014 – Cold Climate Food Production and Edible Landscaping

Permablitz 2014 – Cold Climate Food Production and Edible Landscaping

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Bring your Dad to our permablitz at The Darfield Eartshhip on June 14-15, 2014, Father’s Day weekend!

After nine months of planning we are getting closer and closer to our permabltiz. A month or so ago Javan Bernakevitch and Gord Heibert came up with the following initial design for several zones around the earthship.

This is … Read More →

Carleton Alumni magazine article

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In September my alma mater, Carleton University, sent a photographer to chronicle the earthship and a writer followed up a few weeks later to fill in the blanks.

Ironically, I didn’t get a copy. I’m not sure why as I’ve been receiving the magazine for years now. I suspect that the magazine is released in waves … Read More →

The Little Big World of Canadian Earthships

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If you are an earthship enthusiast in Canada you have probably noticed over the last few years that there seem to be more and more earthships in this country. I try to keep my finger on the pulse of earthship builds and I can tell you that it is definitely true…to the tune of 50 … Read More →

The Top 10 Priorities of these Earthship dwellers

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With life so busy I’ve been resorting to self-defeating lists. My Burkholder side LOVES lists and the Hatton side loves buying Christmas reindeer slippers. It’s a conundrum.  Chris’ lists are all in his head and sometimes they overwhelm him. He likes to talk about the things putting pressure on us while I like to make … Read More →

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