The Roof Is Bermed!

Alvin came back today and bermed for the final time around the back of the building!  This event feels like a real milestone as we will FINALLY move off of the roof and start working on the front wall in earnest …

This berm comes up over the back of the roof and actually covers a foot or more of the roof perimeter.  We laid a five foot strip of geotextile fabric around the perimeter of the roof (half draped over the edge of the roof and half running down the berm).  I wanted to provide some additional protection for the EPDM roof membrane where we are covering it with soil.  The picture to the left shows one of the drainage channels (we have three total) at the back of the roof.  For now the drainage channels simply run down the berm.  Eventually we will route the drainage channels to cisterns and collect our roof rain water for irrigation.  We laid stones down along the edge of the final berm so that Alvin would have a guide for placing dirt.

This is what the roof now looks like.  The skylight openings are covered with 4×4 sheets of particle board and lumber wrap.  We will probably build/install the skylights as we are working on the front wall.