The Front Wall…coming down the home stretch of tires!

The Front Wall…coming down the home stretch of tires!

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Construction of the front wall is proceeding quickly … we are now on our third (and hopefully final) row of tires!  We have packed 75 out of a total of about 100 tires for this wall.  Over the weekend the kids helped, and we moved along quickly!  Everybody is tired, and I think the kids … Read More →

You Tube video about permitted Greywater System in Petaluma, California

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Chris and I watched this last night…it is about 30 minutes long but worth seeing…

No more plans!!!

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Okay … I am excited!

After too many long hours of work we took the plunge and submitted the plans to the building authority yesterday.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders … until the plans are actually submitted the urge to change and hopefully improve them is irresistible and it begins … Read More →

Investigating Graywater

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I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to wrap my head around the implementation of a gray water recovery system for the earthship. The information provided in the Earthship volumes by Mike Reynolds is not detailed, and as gray water recovery is not a common building practice it is difficult to find information on … Read More →

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