Installed first skylight

Installed first skylight

Posted by in Construction, Earthship, roof, sky lights on 04. Jul, 2011 | 0 Comments

I have not posted about earthship construction since we installed the flashing along the south edge of the roof … we have been doing some work since then.

Our goal this spring (it has now officially been summer for a couple of weeks) was to finish some of the roofing details that we did not get … Read More →

Tempered Glass Glazing … Who Knew?

Posted by in Construction, Earthship, Energy Solutions, Front Wall, sky lights on 17. Oct, 2010 | 4 Comments

Many things we have done on this project were simply unknown to us before we started;  we are learning all about traditional plasters, we’ve built our first flat roof … and I now know way more about tire sizes than I ever hoped to!

Surprisingly (to me) specifying and ordering the glass has turned into another … Read More →

The Roof Is Bermed!

The Roof Is Bermed!

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Alvin came back today and bermed for the final time around the back of the building!  This event feels like a real milestone as we will FINALLY move off of the roof and start working on the front wall in earnest …

This berm comes up over the back of the roof and actually covers a … Read More →

The Roof, the Whole Roof, and Nothing but the Roof …

The Roof, the Whole Roof, and Nothing but the Roof …

Posted by in Construction, Earthship, Insulation, roof, sky lights on 22. Aug, 2010 | 5 Comments

Finishing the roof has seemed like an exhausting and never-ending experience … the good news is that it is raining tonight (very good because BC is tinder dry), and the inside of the building is still dry!  We will see in the morning if we have any leaks.

Two weeks ago we started the process of … Read More →

Summer progress …

Summer progress …

Posted by in Construction, Earthship, roof, sky lights on 12. Jul, 2010 | 0 Comments

Wow … the summer is progressing quickly!

We went kayaking at Clearwater Lake after the July 1st weekend. (That top picture is a view from one of the camp sites.)

The garden is thriving and we’ve had our first salads from it.  The kids’ market lambs are getting bigger.   We’ve added chicken eggs to the turkey … Read More →

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