Tire count is…

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More tires…

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We picked up a full load of tires today. We went to our standbys in Kamloops and although most of them didn’t have a whole bunch of tires, we re-introduced ourselves after our tire hiatus. We left Kamloops with 13 tires but stopped in Barriere at our local tire shop and filled out … Read More →

We’re not "tired" yet!

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Yesterday saw us add 23 more tires to our cache of building blocks. The weather is challenging these days. It is alternately warm and mushy (the snow) and cold and frozen (the snow).

My brother Tom dropped off my dad’s utility trailer (our tire gathering vehicle) on his way to his cabin project in … Read More →

Clearwater was a winner!

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On Thursday we hooked up the trailer and headed to Clearwater…46 tires! Unfortunately they shipped about 300 the day before. Bummed Chris out. We are now up to 141 tires and Chris has been working on the plans to make them three-dimensional.

On Tuesday we are going on a field trip to see two Earthships located … Read More →

The Tire Gathering Continues

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On Tuesday, November 25th, Chris and I hooked up the trailer and headed into Kamloops specifically for a tire “run”. I had five tire shops lined up to set aside 235 tires so we decided to make a day of it and try to cultivate a few relationships while we were at it.

Our first stop … Read More →

All 235 Tires are not Created Equal

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We now have five tire shops lined up for collecting tire size 235/75 R15. We started with our local tire shop, Insight Tire and Auto, located in Barriere, the community closest to Darfield. Owner Scott Kershaw told us to go right ahead and search through his pile.

The problem was, that the tire size I had … Read More →

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