Solar Hot Water … Don’t Make a Bomb!

Solar Hot Water … Don’t Make a Bomb!

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I’ve done a lot of reading lately as I layout the plumbing for our home.

The funniest statement I read became the title of this post … let’s try not to kill ourselves while building our dream home!

Before I dive into the solar heated water I want to back up a bit … what I have … Read More →

Back in business

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On Thursday evening we finally got the van running again.  We put the engine back in and carefully retraced the steps that we had religiously recorded while removing the engine.  When we were ready to try and turn the engine over, I took one last look under the hood and saw an electrical connection that hadn’t been rejoined.  … Read More →

Wood Gasifier … still building

Wood Gasifier … still building

Posted by in Energy Solutions, Wood gasification on 25. Mar, 2012 | 1 Comment

Over the last 3 days I have been building here and there when I have had time …

I did get a response back from Julia Hasty at All Power Labs answering my questions raised in the last post.  I have added her response to these questions as a comment to that post … thanks Julia! … Read More →

Wood Gasifier … I am Starting to Build It

Wood Gasifier … I am Starting to Build It

Posted by in Earthship, Energy Solutions, Wood gasification on 20. Mar, 2012 | 4 Comments

On a couple of occasions I’ve talked about wood gasification as both a heat source and for electrical power generation (here and here).

On our recent road trip across North America I finally took action and purchased a GEK III (a kit of steel parts and accessories) as the basis for our wood gasifier.  I bought … Read More →

We Won!!!

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Woohoo … I won the gasifier parts!

Thanks to everyone who commented, and asked questions!

Now I really have to start building that gasifier …

Here is the victory link:

Help me build a gasifier!

Posted by in Wood gasification on 06. Jun, 2010 | 1 Comment

I have mentioned on a couple of occasions that my intention is to provide some of our home’s electricity using wood gasification.

Wood gasification is a process that enables you to run an internal combustion engine by burning wood, and we have tonnes of scrap wood.  We also plan to capture the waste heat from the … Read More →

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