Delica WVO Liftoff!

Delica WVO Liftoff!

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After weeks of work it was pretty anticlimactic … no flames, no loud woosh, no G-force.

On the way into Kamloops this morning (after the engine had warmed up) I flipped the switch labelled WVO (waste vegetable oil) on the dashboard to ‘Oil’ and … nothing happened.  I kept driving down the highway but Sandra and … Read More →

Delica WVO Conversion … what are we doing?

Delica WVO Conversion … what are we doing?

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I know Sandra has been posting about us converting a Delica van to run on waste vegetable oil (wvo).  Over the next little bit I hope to document what I have been up to and what I will be doing down the road.  Beyond driving the Delica that is …

In some ways I really feel … Read More →

Delica Conversion

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I see in this blog’s “draft” section, the start of a post from Chris.  I know we have both been feeling the pressure to post about this project in roughly the same way we posted about the Rocket Mass Heater. 

Time has been….at a premium. If it wasn’t enough that we didn’t feel we had enough … Read More →

Ready, set, go!  But where’s my conversion kit???/

Ready, set, go! But where’s my conversion kit???/

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Ed Beggs of Plant Drive sent us our WVO conversion kit last week.  Kind of. The Greyhound depot in Barriere called to let us know it arrived so I drove into Barriere to pick it up. After signing for it, the gas station attendant couldn’t find it.  I went into the back room and looked … Read More →

Veggie Delite

Veggie Delite

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Yup, this is the name of the Subway sandwich our vegetarian daughter favours…but it seemed appropriate to how we are all feeling today.  We are so pleased to have finally made the leap into our waste veggie oil vehicle, a 1994 Mitsubishi Delica 4WD Van.

The kids have been pestering Chris about our once every three … Read More →

Car for sale, reduction in speed, searching for Delica

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The car is officially for sale.  It’s listed on Kajiji, Craig’s list and will appear in the Interior Buy and Sell next week.  Katie and I peeled all my bookkeeping decals off and I took it through the car wash.  We’ve been keeping the interior clean and when it’s just a bit warmer, I’m going … Read More →

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