Expenses to Date

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I wanted to update our expenses to date, so that I don’t lose track of where we are. As you can see more than half our costs are permits, with most of the other half being excavation expense. We got huge value out of the excavation; it remains to be seen if we … Read More →

Expenses update

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Cost to replace the rear window (tinted with heaters through it) of Nissan pick up truck after somebody (o.k., me) hurled a two foot chunk of birch firewood through it: $475 plus tax.

Comprehensive deductible on recently re-insured truck: $500

Expenses to Date

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As promised, our earthship expenses to date:



Building Permit

Septic Approval

Sub Total

Tomorrow we figure out where to situate the building (trying to find true south!)

First Expense for the Earthship!

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I just paid $425 to the BC Homeowner Protection Office (HPO) for an Application for Owner Builder Authorization. This will allow us to build our earthship without a licenced home builder. Essentially it means we do not have to obtain third-pary home warranty insurance (although it is recommended by the HPO). This … Read More →

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