Building permit cleared!

Building permit cleared!

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Although we didn’t get much time to celebrate, Chris and I and the kids managed to complete outstanding permit jobs to close the permit about 10 days before our workshop started.  As we were gathering mulch, topsoil, and manure, we were putting in relentless days building, shoveling, plastering and generally ticking off the last 13 … Read More →

Earthship Construction Update; plaster & plumbing

Earthship Construction Update; plaster & plumbing

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This post is an attempt to catch up with the technical details of our earthship construction activities of this summer … so bear with me as I will be touching on a number of different areas …

I wrote this post about a month ago but just got around to adding pictures and drawings today … … Read More →

Front Flashing For the Earthship Roof

Front Flashing For the Earthship Roof

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We FINALLY got around to installing flashing along the south edge of the roof.

I’ve been worrying about the roof membrane coming off in a heavy wind storm for almost a year … since we installed it last summer.  The trim anchors the membrane along its south edge and does not permit the wind to ‘get … Read More →

We have permission to land!!!!

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The Earthship is cleared for landing! We received word today that the permit is all ready for us. We are quite excited and I know that Chris has been sorting shovels, starting equipment up and worrying about our tire count.

We do have to pay an additional $904 for our permit. The building … Read More →

Still waiting…

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Yesterday we submitted the last two documents that our building authority requested. Unfortunately the building inspector who is plan checking our project is not in the office until Friday but will look at it then. We are assuming that the final check is simply routine as both documents we submitted were sealed by … Read More →

One document down, one more to go for the permit!

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The certified onsite wastewater specialist came today and it looks like our septic passed muster! Although we will not use it, it satisfies the requirements of a three bedroom home that would have a traditional waste water system. I still shake my head at the requirement of a traditional septic system for an … Read More →

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