Meeting With Building Authority

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Its been about three weeks since we submitted the plans and Sandra phoned mid-week to get an update of where we are at in the approval process. When we submitted the plans we were told that it was taking about three weeks to get a set of plans approved …

Sandra talked over the phone … Read More →

Waiting on Permit Approval, reading and septic thoughts …

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We thought spring was right around the corner last week when we submitted our building plans, but the last week has been bone chillingly cold. We were down to -20 degrees Celcius on a couple of evenings and the snow is just not melting. The driveway is a skating rink and unfortunately it … Read More →

No more plans!!!

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Okay … I am excited!

After too many long hours of work we took the plunge and submitted the plans to the building authority yesterday.

I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders … until the plans are actually submitted the urge to change and hopefully improve them is irresistible and it begins … Read More →

Plans have been submitted for a building permit!

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The whole thing cost us $200 (application fee only, more to come!) and we still have to double check a few things. I sent the original HPO application by Greyhound ($13) to ensure we could get the paperwork back in the 2-3 weeks it may take for permit approval from our regional building authority.

The … Read More →

The Complete (incomplete) Plan set

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The rendered perspective at the beginning of this post is an image of the earthship buried in the ground.

You can see berms at the back (north end) of the roof to channel collected water from the roof into the cisterns. The ducting to accomplish this collection is not shown. The two cylinders behind … Read More →

Investigating Graywater

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I’ve spent the last couple of days trying to wrap my head around the implementation of a gray water recovery system for the earthship. The information provided in the Earthship volumes by Mike Reynolds is not detailed, and as gray water recovery is not a common building practice it is difficult to find information on … Read More →

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