Turkeys and Chickens

Turkeys and Chickens

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On July the sixteenth our hens and turkeys finally hatched we ended up with six turkeys and about 17 or 18 chikens. the chickens were mostly black but we had 5 or 6 chicks that were yellow. last night the 17th 3 chicks couln’t hatch so we had to help themby peeling there egg shells and … Read More →

Turkey Eggs Update

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Well, we  candled the turkey eggs to see how many of them are going to hatch. When you shine  a really bright light through the egg in a dark room, you can see inside it. If you see a “spider” in the egg, it means that is developing into a chick and … Read More →

CLUCK, CLUCK…Backyard chickens in the city!

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Our family has long (well for the last few years) been advocates of farm raised chickens.  The health benefits of free range eggs and chickens are matched only by the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed to feeding yourself.

I’m delighted to say that backyard chickens are legal in….Vancouver!  I see this morning that Calgary is trying … Read More →

Roosters and Egg Production

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So after much research I have learned two things:

1) A “good” rooster will protect its hens, find food and be the last into the coop at night. A good rooster can encourage an increase in egg production.2) A “bad” rooster who harasses the hens and if too….ardent….will discourage egg production.

Today we are up to … Read More →

The Rooster is Dead!

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Chris is busily working on an account of our trip, leaving me with the sad task of informing all who care that our rooster died several days before we left.

It was a rather shocking discovery for Chris. He opened the coop door and there he was; dead on the floor! We’re not entirely … Read More →

Poultry Harvesting is Complete

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Yesterday we harvested our 21 remaining Cornish Giants. As we neared the day, I began using the word “harvesting” instead of “butchering” to offset some of the dread I was beginning to feel. I love the power of words…it helped a bit!

We enlisted the help of experienced poultry harvesters, Mike and Linda Casey. … Read More →

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