Turkeys and Chickens

On July the sixteenth our hens and turkeys finally hatched we ended up with six turkeys and about 17 or 18 chikens. the chickens were mostly black but we had 5 or 6 chicks that were yellow. last night the 17th 3 chicks couln’t hatch so we had to help themby peeling there egg shells and this morning one was dead.  The other two had wing and leg problems. so the have to live in a box with a turkey that has leg problems.


Yes, they hatched. A couple of them have “special needs.” (Bent leg, undeveloped wing, ect.) All together we got about 18 chickens and 5 turkeys. Shelly and Eggbert hatched succsessfully, but Yolko was a dud. The ones that require a bit more help have been isolated. Honestly, I think all the turkeys need a “bit more help” because they aren’t the brightest bulbs


Turkey Eggs Update

Well, we  candled the turkey eggs to see how many of them are going to hatch. When you shine  a really bright light through the egg in a dark room, you can see inside it. If you see a “spider” in the egg, it means that is developing into a chick and will probably hatch. If all you see is a dark, round mass, the egg is a dud and won’t hatch. The first time, dad candled the eggs  and obviously did something wrong because we didn’t see a “spider” or a dark round, mass. We did see some really cool gelitine stuff floating around inside the egg. Mom tried candling again a couple days later, she did the exact same thing we did and got much better results. We added in the chicken eggs the same day we candled the turkey eggs.

Of course, being me I couldn’t resist naming a couple eggs. Egg number 1 is named Shelly, egg number 2 is named Eggbert and egg number 3 is named Yolko! I am nuts. :D  Too bad they’re going to get eaten. :( Which is another thing I meant to mention, after they hatch, the turkeys won’t be ready to butcher until Christmas. My Aunt Stephanie has already put in a request for one. No idea when we can butcher chickens.

We still have to turn the eggs every day to make sure they’re evenly warmed and fill up the water trough to put moisture in the air. On Day 24 we get to stop turning the eggs and on day 28 they’ll hatch…


P.S. I counted all the Es in this post and there are 150. I take pleasure in the strangest things. :D

CLUCK, CLUCK…Backyard chickens in the city!

Our family has long (well for the last few years) been advocates of farm raised chickens.  The health benefits of free range eggs and chickens are matched only by the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed to feeding yourself.

I’m delighted to say that backyard chickens are legal in….Vancouver!  I see this morning that Calgary is trying to jump on the…farm wagon.  Check out this CBC story, and if you are an urban dweller currently raising chickens (or want to), please share with us!