Have you seen this chicken?

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If you buy chicken at your local super market the odds are high that you are intimately familiar with this bird. It is a Cornish Giant and according to the limited reading I have done this breed provides well over 90% of the packaged chicken that hits our grocery shelves in North America.

Our family … Read More →

Which came first, the coop or the house?

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Today being the first day this week we have not been running around collecting tires or driving our children to Battle of the Book competitions (Katie’s team placed first in zones; yay!), we worked on the chicken coop all day!

Why the coop and not the house? The chicks are taking up our shop floor. … Read More →

Moving sheds to make way for the coop

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Chris spent most of Saturday with my father and friend, Mike Casey, moving our small shed in McLure to our site here in Darfield. The shed had served as our promotional sign coming into Barriere, but as we are not actively drumming up business we had other plans for it.

I spent the day at … Read More →

One layer chick lost…

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I’m quite choked about this. After keeping all 52 chicks alive for three weeks, I accidentally dropped the heat lamp and it landed on one of the layer chicks, mortally wounding it. Katie was with me so I had to be cool and collected, but had I been alone I probably would have … Read More →

First medical crisis for the chicks!

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O.K. we are still waiting for word on the permit for the earthship.

However, we had our first health crisis in the poultry brooder.

I was returning from my nightly bicycle ride (southbound on Hwy 5 up the north side of the Darfield hill) and upon coming through the front door Chris says “good, you’re back, Stephen … Read More →


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Our chicks came today ( march 19th 2009) and no I don’t mean dudes’ girlfriends, I mean little baby “girl” chickens.

We were only supposed to get 25 layers and 25 meat birds, (yum!!) but we were lucky enough to get a few extra “to experiment with,” as my dad said.

But I’m getting ahead of … Read More →

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