Re-Post about Christmas Gift Giving…

Posted by in Community, Expenses, Frugality on 09. Oct, 2011 | 0 Comments

Christmas has been on my mind a lot again…so has our lack of blogging.  So I was browsing old posts and came up with this one…it was interesting, because I don’t think I ever did blog about how we did in 2009…but I know I did for 2010.  I know that we found last year’s … Read More →

May I have a receipt, please??

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I find myself asking for proof of payment a lot this month. After tracking our personal finances for years, Chris and I have slacked off in the last year or so. Quicken stopped supporting automatic downloads in its 2007 version and let’s face it, when implementing austerity measures, does one really have to track anything?

We’ve … Read More →

Cutting the grocery bill

Posted by in Frugality, Household, In the Kitchen on 22. Nov, 2010 | 9 Comments

When we lived in San Francisco in 1997/98 I read a book by Jonni McCoy, called Miserly Moms.  This book is all about how a family can live on one income by cutting expenses. In Ms. McCoy’s book, the emphasis is on reducing the weekly grocery bill.

I thought it was interesting to read at the … Read More →

Blogging without borders

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It’s not enough that I get to share and preach about frugality here on this site…I’m spilling over to others’ territory!  Read about my tips for spending less on fellow frugalista Erin Bolokoski’s blog, Frugally Yours.

Diving back into the discussion…

Posted by in Frugality on 21. Mar, 2010 | 1 Comment

I’ve had an incredible number of responses to my initial educational foray into dumpster diving! There have been a number of comments on this blog (thank you!) and a phenomenal number of responses on my Face Book page.

Interestingly, although perhaps coincidental, I seemed to have lost a Face Book friend about the same time … Read More →

Dumpster Diving…the last frontier of frugality? Invisible eco-warriors? Low class scavengers?

Posted by in Frugality on 15. Mar, 2010 | 14 Comments

Stay tuned over the next few weeks as I explore this controversial topic. What’s your first reaction?  Who exactly can you find diving in dumpsters?  What’s o.k. and what’s not?  Are there limits on acceptable finds? Is food o.k. to dive for? Who does the system benefit? What kind of economic supply system feeds dumpster diving?  Think … Read More →

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