More paring…

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Every fall (and some points in between) Chris and I sit down and examine our monthly expenses and try to figure out where we can conserve our cash. As Chris says, “the low hanging fruit is almost all picked”!

Last year we decided that it was somewhat wasteful to have four phone lines. When … Read More →

Frugal Finds

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My best frugal moment of the last few weeks: Shopping the kids’ clearance racks at Sears for camping clothes and racking up $200 for swimsuits, rain jackets, rain pants, and a whole bunch of other stuff, then discovering it was scratch n save day on clearance items. Helen scratched a 40% off ticket, Katie a … Read More →

DIY hair removal…

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Many of you who follow our blog will recall that during late winter I began cutting the kids’ and Chris’ hair. I am happy to report that round #2 on the men’s hair was entirely satisfactory. I am getting better with the clippers and with layering the top to blend with the … Read More →

Washing Machine Update

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Today we bought a new washer! This morning was not pretty…the vibration caused several items in the cupboard on the other side of the wall to fall on to the floor and several wine glasses jiggled off their rack…none broken this time. However, after we stopped the machine and ritualistically cursed it, all … Read More →

More coifs…

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Managed to convince both Chris and Stephen to let me try cutting their hair with #2 clippers and the really sharp scissors. Neither would allow me before and after shots, but their hair turned out great! So, another $15 each saved. I have now saved $66 in hair cutting since buying my … Read More →

Your Money or Your Life

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In a previous post I referred to a financial philosophy contained in a book called “Your Money or Your Life”

If a person is at all interested in coming to terms and taking control of his or her financial “life” then this is a great book…but dispel yourself of the notion that this is a book … Read More →

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