DIY (or with a friend) hair colour

On Wednesday I headed over to Jody Schilling' house, a fellow frugalista who didn’t look too frightened when I asked her to paint my hair!I arrived at 12:30 and our goal was to finish in two hours.Here’s all the stuff I bought to bring back my aged … [Read more...]

DIY Hair Colouring

Last Tuesday when I was in Kamloops I stopped by Sally Beauty and picked up everything I need to colour my own hair. I've been talking about doing this for some time, especially since my DIY eye brow waxing has been so successful.I stopped at … [Read more...]

Update on eyebrows

Since embarking on a DIY (frugal) beauty program (starting with my eyebrows)  I am happy to report that I am entirely satisfied with how I have eventually fine tuned my technique.  My latest hair removal session was done in five … [Read more...]