Cutting the grocery bill

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When we lived in San Francisco in 1997/98 I read a book by Jonni McCoy, called Miserly Moms.  This book is all about how a family can live on one income by cutting expenses. In Ms. McCoy’s book, the emphasis is on reducing the weekly grocery bill.

I thought it was interesting to read at the … Read More →

Eating out of the freezer/pantry…continued.

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After a month of eating out of the pantry/freezer we have finally started to see a noticeable difference in our stores…
Our chest freezer was full a month ago and is now about half empty. I went through it fairly methodically a few days ago to see what I had left:

1) 7 of our home grown … Read More →

One teabag left!

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My title says it all…I have one teabag left (and one mint teabag for Chris).  Please see my post below about eating from pantry and freezer if you are really confused!

It took me a month and I had fun a few times trying to guess the “mystery” tea.  I still don’t know what one kind … Read More →

Newton Construction in Gingerbread

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An off-hand remark to me by Chris several weeks ago about wanting to make a gingerbread house from scratch with the kids, somehow led to Chris and the kids elbow deep in ginger and icing sugar while I ran around Barriere on last minute errands on December 23rd!

Stephen had every intention of writing the step … Read More →

Eating from your Pantry and Freezer

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Eating out of the pantry is a simple living concept that encourages people to slow down expenditures on groceries by looking through their pantry and freezer to make due with things they already have.  This way we make the best use of the things we’ve already bought, and we end up spending less on our … Read More →

Candy cane chocolate bark

Posted by in Crafts, In the Kitchen on 23. Dec, 2009 | 0 Comments

Today December 22nd Katie, Mom and I made chocolate bark for our Christmas baskets (Christmas gifts). Katie did the brown chocolate while I crushed candy canes with a rolling pin.



Then I chopped up the white chocolate while the brown hardened.

After 15 minutes I stared melting white chocolate. When it was melted we had … Read More →

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