A garden to live in

Posted by in Food on 18. Jun, 2009 | 0 Comments

Chris mentioned visiting a friend’s garden last week and being very impressed by the coziness of it. That friend is Jennifer Kerslake of Barriere and a few days ago I asked if I could return to take photos with the intention of posting them here. She agreed!

Jennifer was in Band with me at … Read More →

First Tomatoes Spotted

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I got a thrill this afternoon while weeding the garden. A tomato plant has two tiny green tomatoes started on it! I was surprised … the plants have been flowering but I did not expect to see tomatoes yet.

I added the second tire to my potato stacks today. I have started six … Read More →

Spring and our Food

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The last month has seen much warmer weather and the valley has been getting progressively greener.Spring started for me with the apple trees beside our house. While clearing for the house foundation I took a little time out and aggressively pruned these trees. They are well established trees, but were never cared for … Read More →

Finally! Our lambs have arrived!

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On May 15th we got our ewe lambs from the Preharas in Knutsford, BC. All of us got a lamb. My lamb is named Whiskers! (This first picture is of Mrs. Prehara and her son trying to catch Stephen’s ewe lamb).

When Whiskers was born her mom rejected her. Mrs. Prehara had … Read More →

Have you seen this chicken?

Posted by in Chickens, Food on 23. Apr, 2009 | 3 Comments

If you buy chicken at your local super market the odds are high that you are intimately familiar with this bird. It is a Cornish Giant and according to the limited reading I have done this breed provides well over 90% of the packaged chicken that hits our grocery shelves in North America.

Our family … Read More →

Composting and an Earthship

Posted by in Food on 27. Nov, 2008 | 0 Comments

So … other than the fact that I like the smell of compost (and Katie apparently does not), what possible tie in is there between an earthship and composting?

One of the principles of earthship design and living is food production within the building envelope. We have only just started wrapping our heads around the … Read More →

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