Newton Construction in Gingerbread

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An off-hand remark to me by Chris several weeks ago about wanting to make a gingerbread house from scratch with the kids, somehow led to Chris and the kids elbow deep in ginger and icing sugar while I ran around Barriere on last minute errands on December 23rd!

Stephen had every intention of writing the step … Read More →

Eating from your Pantry and Freezer

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Eating out of the pantry is a simple living concept that encourages people to slow down expenditures on groceries by looking through their pantry and freezer to make due with things they already have.  This way we make the best use of the things we’ve already bought, and we end up spending less on our … Read More →

Candy cane chocolate bark

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Today December 22nd Katie, Mom and I made chocolate bark for our Christmas baskets (Christmas gifts). Katie did the brown chocolate while I crushed candy canes with a rolling pin.



Then I chopped up the white chocolate while the brown hardened.

After 15 minutes I stared melting white chocolate. When it was melted we had … Read More →

Reclaiming Space

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The last few days have found us cleaning out our office space.  It’s about 200 square feet and after downsizing two years ago, we haven’t been in it very much.  In fact, the kids go there to listen to music.

Living in a small space has meant that we’ve had difficulty having friends over, especially friends … Read More →

Food Miscellanea

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I’ve been snapping a few photos during the last week of things I thought might be of interest to those of you who spend time in the kitchen.

We’ve been making our own yogurt for more than a year now. I bought a Tribest yogurt maker which comes with seven little jars. However, we … Read More →

Potato Famine

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This summer I planted potatoes in six stacks of tires.

The hope was that in each stack the potatoes would grow to the top tire and start potatoes in the entire stack of tires instead of just below the surface of the top tire in the stack. I was giddy with excitement as I hoped … Read More →

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