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After a day in Kamloops meeting with some coaches from the Overlander Ski Club–Chris and I are head coaches of our Barriere Club — we came home and processed more apples.

The apple juice was so good, we made more. This time Chris used our potato ricer to recover apple sauce and it worked much … Read More →

Eggs have come

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On Monday we got are first egg from our hens. Instead of it being in the laying boxes it was in the corner of the chicken house. It was tiny compared to the Schillings eggs. Yesterday we put fake eggs and somebody told us to put golf balls in so we did. This morning … Read More →

Flower Mystery Solved!

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Stephen’s student teacher posted a reply to our mystery! The flowers are called Livingston Daisies and she purchased the seeds at Art Knapps.

It’s a small world. I was in at the Royal Bank in Kamloops today and I noticed the lady helping us had the last name of Curle, which isn’t common. … Read More →

Help us identify the mystery flower

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Stephen’s student teacher gave him seeds in February before she went back to school. He couldn’t remember what they were so we planted them indoors and this spring we transplanted outdoors. The plant was green for the longest time (and snaked out like a vine). The stems and leaves are rubbery. … Read More →

A garden to live in

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Chris mentioned visiting a friend’s garden last week and being very impressed by the coziness of it. That friend is Jennifer Kerslake of Barriere and a few days ago I asked if I could return to take photos with the intention of posting them here. She agreed!

Jennifer was in Band with me at … Read More →

First Tomatoes Spotted

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I got a thrill this afternoon while weeding the garden. A tomato plant has two tiny green tomatoes started on it! I was surprised … the plants have been flowering but I did not expect to see tomatoes yet.

I added the second tire to my potato stacks today. I have started six … Read More →

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