Chris is figuring out the camera!

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All this time off has meant we have time to figure out what all the buttons on the Nikon D90 do.  Chris has more patience than I do and started playing around with the portrait setting, plus aperture and shutter speeds.  Here’s one of the first photos of me taken in the last couple of … Read More →

Back to business!

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With November 30th looming, I’m back on the payroll getting ready for year end. All of the paperwork that got put aside this year while we finished up two house orders and started our own house now has to be dealt with!

I’m also researching possible new directions for the business, including the sale of … Read More →


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We in the North Thompson have not been immune to the effects (or the fear) of the H1N1. It seems in the last few weeks it has ramped up and so have people’s fear.

We’ve gone in big circles many times regarding vaccinating the kids and ourselves. Ultimately our decision not to is … Read More →

Paving shots — Beause you don’t see this everyday out your front door!

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Road Paving

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Well, it finally started more than a week ago. The long anticipated re-paving of the 8km stretch of Hwy 5 that goes through Darfield.

We’ve been complaining about it for years…the increased heavy traffic over even the last decade (it is a fairly major route from Vancouver to Edmonton) has mashed ruts into the … Read More →

Lovin’ the camera!

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I’ve only set it to automatic and haven’t read even one page of the manual yet, but already Chris is yelling at me, “we’re never going to get any work done!” (Endorphins are alive and well, thanks! This is how we should all feel after a bout of consumerism, instead of that let-down … Read More →

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