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We Were Hacked!

Posted by in Earthship on 26. Mar, 2012 | No Comments

It recently came to our attention that when you visited one of the pages of our website a number of completely unrelated popups would be launched in your web browser.

We did not do this intentionally, so we are guessing that somebody else added this feature to our site!

I believe I have fixed this problem, but … Read More →

Wood Gasifier … still building

Posted by in Energy Solutions, Wood gasification on 25. Mar, 2012 | 1 Comment

Wood Gasifier … still building

Over the last 3 days I have been building here and there when I have had time …

I did get a response back from Julia Hasty at All Power Labs answering my questions raised in the last post.  I have added her response to these questions as a comment to that post … thanks Julia! … Read More →

Wood Gasifier … I am Starting to Build It

Posted by in Earthship, Energy Solutions, Wood gasification on 20. Mar, 2012 | 4 Comments

Wood Gasifier … I am Starting to Build It

On a couple of occasions I’ve talked about wood gasification as both a heat source and for electrical power generation (here and here).

On our recent road trip across North America I finally took action and purchased a GEK III (a kit of steel parts and accessories) as the basis for our wood gasifier.  I bought … Read More →

The Adventure continued…

Posted by in Earthship on 02. Mar, 2012 | No Comments

The Adventure continued…

In Orlando we found a three bedroom condominium just outside of all the theme parks for about $46 per night. The housing crisis has hit Florida hard; there are unfinished developments EVERYWHERE in Orlando. It was somewhat eerie the look of abandonment they all sported.


We had a ball at Harry Potter World and after a … Read More →

The WVO Conversion: Three Months Later

Posted by in Energy Solutions, WVO vehicle on 13. Feb, 2012 | No Comments

The WVO Conversion: Three Months Later

Just thought I would update how the van is doing on waste vegetable oil …

It has been about three months since we have completed the WVO conversion, and an educated guess would say that we have gone about 10,000 km on WVO since then.  Most of this mileage (8000km) was done on our cross country … Read More →

WVO Trip

Posted by in Community, Family on 23. Jan, 2012 | 3 Comments

WVO Trip

I keep hoping to update the site with some photos of the trip … but it has not been as easy as I thought while travelling!

Here are a few pictures …in the next few days I will post a video of the map along with pics for each section.

#gallery-3 {
margin: auto;
#gallery-3 … Read More →

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