Friends then and now

In August our friends, Richard and Alison Kicksee visited us from Ontario.  If you look closely in the photo we had just started pounding tires!  And, they only had two children.  The second photo below, is from five years later…from this past summer.  Earthship?  Check!  And notice Richard and Alison added a child. We have only two kids in the recent photo but that’s because Katie, our 16-year-old, was at work. Instead, we replaced her with Shiloh!

Nice look at how everything has changed, including all of us!



Tour the Darfield Earthship

If you would like information about an upcoming tour of our earthship (2 hours approximately) please join our email list to the the right (at the end of our blog roll if you are on a mobile device)!

We’ll be sending advance registration details of the tour to our email list before opening it to our general audience.

Talk to Chris about engineering issues and see the construction principles that we used to build our “in-progress” sustainable home.  Listen to me talk about realistic deadlines and raising a family while taking on a huge building project.  Code, design, lifestyle…you name it!  You’ll be able to ask us questions about all of it.

Remember to get on the email list now. Details will go out in a few days.